Go Ketoing – Keto Hot Pockets | Low Carb Pizza Pockets
Go Ketoing – Keto Hot Pockets | Low Carb Pizza Pockets

 I freaking LOVE hot pockets. Actually, ANYTHING savory and stuffed in a crust is basically heaven on earth to me. I love the texture of a crispy brown flaky pastry stuffed with sharp cheese and an explosion of flavor. These Keto Hot Pockets hit the spot precisely!

To have the best dough, texture and color, we think that it is best to fill the pocket with a pre-cooked item. Really, let your imagination run on this one. The pocket can be customized to your own personal liking. Just let your creativity take over and enjoy!

This concept would work extremely well for a variety of shapes and Keto versions of traditional savory pastries. Let your imagination go with this one. Think savory pinwheels, Chinese Bao Buns, English Meat Pies and Empanadas. Stuff em’, shape em’ and bake em’!

Go Ketoing – Keto Hot Pockets | Low Carb Pizza Pockets

Nutrition Facts:

(*Pepperoni Flavor)

Serving Size: 1 Hot Pocket

Servings Per Batch: 4

Total Fat: 12.4 g | Net Carbs: 1.4 g | 9.2 g

Recipe and Ingredients:

2 Cups Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

¾ Cup Almond Flour

1 Egg Yolk

2 Oz Pepperoni

1 Oz Mushrooms

Go Ketoing – Keto Hot Pockets | Low Carb Pizza Pockets

Add 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese and melt in 30 sec increments in the microwave. If you do not have a microwave you can melt the cheese in a double broiler. Once the cheese is melted add the almond flour and egg yolk. Mix the ingredients into a dough ball. I find it works best if you mix the ingredients in a food processor. The dough texture is much finer and it seems like you end up with a much better consistency. However if you are mixing by hand, just take your time and mix till you have an even texture and color throughout the whole batch. It helps to pull the ingredients though your fingers to combine everything well

Once mixed divide the dough into four equal pieces. If the dough becomes harder to work with you can pop it back into the microwave for just a few seconds to make it pliable again.

Go Ketoing – Keto Hot Pockets | Low Carb Pizza Pockets

The stuffing is really up to you. You can pretty much use anything as long as it does not have to much liquid. I also think it is better to have a pre-cooked filling. Raw ingredients may need more cook time.

Flatten the dough in your hand and add the stuffing to the middle. Using your hands form the dough around the filling. Pinch the dough to form a seamless ball around the ingredients added. Once you have it formed to your liking and you are sure to filling or moisture can’t escape, place the ball in a well oiled muffin or cupcake pan.

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 to 25 min. Your pockets should have a golden brown color when done.

We enjoy this treat hot out of the oven. But it is also a great keto meal prep food. They freeze very well, so you can enjoy them any time you like.

Go Ketoing – Keto Hot Pockets | Low Carb Pizza Pockets
Go Ketoing – Keto Hot Pockets | Low Carb Pizza Pockets

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